A study published in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules states that the Porang plant has anti-inflammatory properties in the body. The content of glucomannan also plays a role in overcoming inflammation in the internal organs.

5. Prevent diabetes

Porang can prevent you from overeating and can control your blood sugar to keep it stable. In addition, porang is also beneficial for diabetics as it can reduce excessive blood sugar levels. Mix Porang with American Ginseng, then consume regularly.

6. Reduces bad cholesterol

Bad cholesterol or low-density lipoproteins (LDL) are indispensable in the human body, especially in those who love fatty foods. If levels are too high, this bad cholesterol can block circulation. To lower levels, you can rely on Porang.

7. Prevents the risk of heart attack and stroke

In addition to cholesterol, porang can also reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke if consumed regularly and correctly. The ingredients present in it make the heart work well to pump blood throughout the body. In addition, Porang can also help improve blood circulation and eliminate clogged blood vessels with fat.

8. Prevent Colon Cancer

These tubers are also good for digestion and keep organs healthy. The ingredients in Porang may also inhibit the growth of colon cancer and treat the digestive tract.

9. Skin care

It is also reported that Porang can remove acne and maintain skin radiance. The content of glucomannan in it plays a role in removing it from the body. This benefit was mentioned in a health magazine released in 2013.

10. Remove toxins from the body

Mainland Chinese have long been making porang for traditional medicine. Its function is to detoxify the body or remove toxins from the food consumed daily. Later, the toxins in the body will be flushed out through feces and sweat.

The use of Porang plants in industry and daily life

Porang is not only exported as a food product. Many industries require this plant as a raw material for the production of their products. Here are some other benefits that can be derived from Porang:

> Raw materials for flour

> Raw materials for cosmetics

> Raw materials for the manufacture of chewing gum

> Raw materials for aircraft components

> Raw materials for water treatment products

For this reason, many large industrialized countries import porang from Indonesia. Japan, China and Australia, as well as other neighboring countries, are the main selling destinations for porang from Indonesia, known for its high quality.

Commercial value and selling price of Porang plants

This plant is required as a raw material for many industries. This is the reason why the price also increases. For wet or freshly harvested Porang plants, the price can be as high as IDR 2500 per kg. The price becomes more expensive when dried porang is produced.

Porang farmers can produce about 24 tons of porang per hectare. Along with the impressive number, there will be more Porang farmers or landowners who will release their land to plant Porang.

Of course, this could make Indonesia the world's largest producer of porang. Thus, Porang's exports from Indonesia to the rest of the world will be even larger and wider.

So, after seeing such a high and very attractive price, do you also want to become a Porang farmer? Yeah, who knows you could buy a Porang from Indonesia, right?